Calls and formal complaints to Patient Ombudsman are extremely high at this time.

For new complainants: expect delays in returning your call.

For current complainants: expect delays in progressing your complaint file.

Our sincere apologies – we are doing our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Our team is prioritizing the most urgent complaints. We appreciate your patience.

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Thank you,
Patient Ombudsman Team

Service Charter

The Patient Ombudsman works with all sides - patients and health sector organizations in Ontario to find a fair resolution to complaints and to promote positive change.

The Service Charter reflects our values and expectations working with both the complainant and the health sector organization.

To the patients and caregivers who come to us with their complaints
We will: We expect you will:
  • Make sure that our service is easy to access

  • Respect your experience

  • Listen to your complaint and concerns

  • Explain what we can do to help

  • Direct you to the right place if we can’t help

  • Seek a fair resolution to your complaint

  • Keep you informed and communicate our decisions clearly

  • Welcome your feedback so we can improve

  • First try to formally resolve your complaint with the hospital, long-term care home, or home and community care support service that you’re complaining about

  • Share all important facts and information about your complaint

  • Recognize we are impartial and are looking for fairness from all sides

  • Contact us with questions about your complaint

  • Treat us with respect  

  • Let us know how we could improve your experience with us   


To the health sector organizations (public hospitals, long-term care homes, and home care) we receive complaints about
We will: We expect you will:
  • Clearly explain our role, process and expectations

  • Ensure you have a meaningful opportunity to resolve the complaint

  • Work with you to set reasonable timelines

  • Be thorough and fair in our review

  • Ask for specific information (policies, evidence & documentation)

  • Keep you informed and explain our decisions

  • Be open to innovative and creative solutions

  • Respect our staff, process and timelines

  • Explain your process and decisions

  • Provide the information we ask for

  • Contact us with any questions or concerns

  • Respond to our suggestions and recommendations

  • Let us know how we can improve your experience with us


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