Patient Ombudsman will not be offering in-person ‘walk-in’ appointments until further notice.

Our service is still available by calling our central complaints phone line at 1.888.321.0339 or access our online complaint form.

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Our Latest Update

June 8, 2020

Patient Ombudsman – Diversity & anti-Black Racism Statement

Patient Ombudsman as an organization recognizes that systemic racism exists in the province of Ontario and in our healthcare system.

Specifically, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism are public health issues that deserve a sustained spotlight to facilitate conversation and action to promote health equity.

As a champion for fairness in Ontario’s healthcare system, we must ensure that all Ontarians have equitable access our complaints resolution service.

Patient Ombudsman is committed to promoting diversity and equity in our organization and complaints resolution service by:

  • Building capacity within the organization to accept, appreciate and respond to healthcare complaints received from Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities

  • Collecting socio-demographic data to amplify the healthcare experiences of racialized Ontarians, while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our complainants

  • Increasing our community outreach efforts into specific ethno-racial and cultural communities to address gaps in our services and reporting

  • Ensuring representation from key communities based on our complainant socio-demographic data

  • Training and educating all staff on cultural competency, anti-racism, diversity and health equity

  • Improving access to language interpreter services and removing linguistic barriers for newcomers and immigrants

  • Ensuring Patient Ombudsman is a respectful workplace free of discrimination, harassment or violence


If you have any questions or feedback on Patient Ombudsman’s diversity practices please email us at



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