Calls and formal complaints to Patient Ombudsman are extremely high at this time.

For new complainants: expect delays in returning your call.

For current complainants: expect delays in progressing your complaint file.

Our sincere apologies – we are doing our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Our team is prioritizing the most urgent complaints. We appreciate your patience.

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Thank you,
Patient Ombudsman Team

Make a Complaint

Patient Ombudsman can help with certain health care complaints. Learn more about what we can do Before You Make a Complaint.

You can make a complaint about an Ontario public hospital, long-term care home, home care, and community surgical and diagnostic centre using our online form or by mail. The online form has drop-down lists that allow you to search for the hospital, long-term care home, home care service, or community surgical and diagnostic centre where you received care.




Make a Complaint

Download the Complaint Form to print and mail

Patient Ombudsman
Box 130, 77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3



We review and acknowledge all complaints that we receive. We receive a high volume of complaints and appreciate your patience as we prioritize urgent patient care and safety concerns. 

Your name and other relevant personal information will be needed to help resolve your complaint. All complaint information is strictly confidential – read more about how we protect your privacy

We require consent to help resolve a complaint. Consent needs to be from the patient, the patient’s substitute decision-maker (if someone is making a complaint on the patient’s behalf), or the trustee or administrator of the estate if the patient has died. This allows Patient Ombudsman and the health sector organization to share the patient’s personal information or personal health information while working to resolve the complaint.  

Are you a staff member of a health sector organization? Learn more about Patient Ombudsman’s whistleblower confidentiality protections

If you have questions about how to make a complaint, contact us at: 
Tel: 416-597-0339,  
Toll free: 1-888-321-0339  

Resources can be provided in a variety of languages or formats; accommodations can be made as needed. 

List of Forms 



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